In-game HZD imagery from Playstation’s website (Images: Sony Playstation US)

Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games is one of my favorite video games that I’ve played in at least the past 5 years.

Any genre. Any platform.

From the character development and world-building to the gorgeous expansive open-world environments, it hits all of the right buttons.  It also looks like it’s having that kind of an impact for many other PS4 gamers too in the range of 3.4 million units sold from sales data on vgchartz.

So what better way to introduce our Gaming and Interactive Art section of the site with what I consider to be one of the best art directed games in recent memory.

On that note, wunderkind Product Manager Daniel Wade on Artstation (one of the best art portfolio and inspirational sites out there) posted last May a Horizon Zero Dawn “art blast”.

This overwhelming art collection is chock-full of around 29 different image and video portfolios of the many contributing artists of the game.

A list of the game artists, their portfolio links, and some of our favorite images below:

Underground environments – Misja Baas – Art Director (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Mountain landscapes – Lucas Bolt (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Concepts and 3D models – Mechanical – Alex Zapata and Miguel Angel Martinez  (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Character concept art –  Illya Golitsyn, Suzanne Helmigh, and Joseph Noel  (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Character model sculpts – Arno Schmitz, Ben Erdt, and Sven Juhlin  (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Aloy – Dan Calvert – Character Art Director  (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

(ArtStation Link to Dan’s post of the many other artists who contributed to the making of the character)

Animation reels

Here are some links to some of the many animators who brought the characters and robots to life for the game.

Animation Reel – Richard Oud (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Animation Reel – Jonathan Colin (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Animation Reel – Nick Neervens (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Cinematic Animation Reel – Jonny Fammingham (Images: Sony – Guerrilla Games)

Horizon Zero Dawn and Guerrilla Games’ artists created an amazing work of interactive game and art that is not to be missed.

The new DLC Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is slated to ship on November 7th, 2017.