Illustrator.org’s mission is to create engaging stories and content to support and showcase the illustration, animation, and design industries.

Our extended definition of what Illustration is also includes the element of time.

We think that Illustration + time lends itself to more genres of art such as animation, vfx, video games, and other stylized temporal media and so consider animators, vfx artists, and such to be a part of the group so we will be focusing on that kind of content too.

Affiliate Disclosure

Illustration.org is a online resource for inspiration, education, and entertainment brought to the viewer through the use of our social media channels (such as Youtube), blog posts, resource pages, and web links.

Our Affiliate links

In some (but not all) of these posts, we will talk about art products such as books, gear, or other services in which we display affiliate marketing links. These links earn a commission for us for any customers we refer to via the service or buying the product.

These and other commissions helps us to support this site and we are very grateful.

Promoted Reviews

We are also a professional review site that can receive other kinds of compensation from companies that want promotion in the form of the products themselves in which we fully review.

In these cases, we will clearly state in the review that these are promoted.

Not all reviews, however, are promoted reviews. In many cases, we buy products for ourselves to review with no compensation.

Your Trust

For promoted reviews we thoroughly test and give high marks to only the very best.

We want to make clear that we are independently-owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Our site is built on your trust and we only promote our external services, products, and display affiliate links that we stand behind, rigorously researched and tested, and feel that they give value to our readers.

Some of our affilates:

The Amazon Affilate program
Online Classes
Envato and Creative Market products (soon)
Independent artists marketing and pormotion
Any future Illustration.org branded products

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us: here or at

contact [@] illustration.org

Thanks from all of us at the illustration.org team!


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