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Amelie Toruangeau is a freelance illustrator, designer & animation director based in Montreal.

In 2014, she co-founded Conifère, a studio specializing in art direction, motion design & illustration. 

Her work has received numerous distinctions from Type Directors Club, Applied Arts, Prix Promax BDA, nomination at Prix Gémeaux, Grand Prix Grafika and Lux.  She’s also a Pictoplasma Academy 2015 alumna.

Euphoria Video

Script, Visuals & Animation: Amelie Tourangeau

Music: Sebastian Oliwa

Euphoria is a brand new planet that has been discovered. It’s now your chance to get on board and be the first to settle on it! You won’t be disappointed by its beautiful landscapes, impressive new technology and amazing parties!

Amelie Tourangeau

Euphoria Video

VRAK Ident

Design & Animation: Amelie Tourangeau
Client: Vrak (French-language Canadian TV)
Gabriel Ledoux

Dear Montreal

Dear Montréal is an illustrated series of postcards I created about cultural icons in Montréal. Back from a trip, I wanted to reimagine characteristic elements of the city. From the bagels to my life as a freelancer, Montréal is always full of inspiration.

Amelie Tourangeau

"Dear Montreal"

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