Chiara Biancheri, a 28-year old Italian architect by trade, in 2008 started using a program called Apophysis (fractal generation software) to create original artwork to post on her website.

The imagery that creates is mind-blowing. Compared to older software that I used back in the early 2000’s this is something else entirely. Back then (if you were lucky) could create some very flat fractals renderings that, in my opinion, were rather boring.

But in this, these mathematical creations are absolutely wonderful (of course in no small part from the artist too). The color work, the depth, and most importantly the variety of different renders are inspirational and make me want to download it and give it try.

If you want to see more images from Chiara she has multiple portfolios up on the web besides her website listed above: Behance and on Deviantart.

Beautiful work!