Heystudio is a graphic design company founded in 2007 and based in Barcelona, Spain. They work in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. They are colorful in their work and masters of typography and flat illustrative design (I love their Monocole Guide illustrations!)

Their client list is a “who’s who” in the design word ranging from

The Wall Street Journa
and Fortune Magazine

to name a few.

In this post we explore their work with Arrels, a Barcelona based footwear brand making shoes for the urban market.

Meaning “roots” in English, Heystudio used a bold primarily color scheme on not just the packaging but also the shoes themselves.

Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between their urban look and their rural roots and between being handmade and mass produced.


Arrels Design

This duality is reflected in the two colours of the identity and in the pattern created for the boxes and the shoes; an idea which was carried over to the brochure.

The design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth.


Arrels Design

 Photography Roc Canals.