Youtube isn’t the only media player in town when it comes to drawing shows, comics, or manga in video format.

Currently in its third season (and found on Dailymotion), Naoki Urasawa’s Manben is a Japanese show that follows the work of famous mangaka (in English – Manga artists) and their workspaces.

It is hosted by Naoki Urasawa (hence the title), a manga artist of 30 years who created over 30,000 pages of manga such as “20th Century Boys” and “Billy Bat”.

In this episode (link above on the title page), Naoki-san, talks to Ilekgani Ryouichi-san, a camera-shy 72-year old Manga artist legend whose been in the industry for over 55 years, offer the camera crew to record them.

What makes this a more unique show besides the artistic subject matter is two-fold: Informed commentary from an off-screen announcer (almost like watching a quasi-nature documentary) and the commentary from the manga artist host (Naoki-san) with the show’s guest on the footage collected by the show’s production over a 3-day period of time.

What unfolds are inspirational and educational tips and tricks on workflows, techniques, and philosophies of famous manga artists on this sequential artform.

For a scattered list of episodes over the seasons follow user Habanero on Dailymotion for more.

If you have access to Japanese television follow Naoki Urasawa’s Manben which will broadcast on NHK’s E TV channel every Thursday during the 22:00 time slot beginning on September 15, 2016, and concluding on October 06, 2016.

Source: Netlab (Japanese)