There are few iconic buildings in Anime (or even in general cinema) today than the iconic bathhouse from ‘Spirited Away‘. If you have been on the internet for the past dozen years, there is a strong chance that you would come across different art homages of this cinematic building.

In this gallery, we showcase some of the highlights of the internet’s bountiful imagery of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s creation.

Above is the original sketch that started it all by Miyazaki Haoya himself.  This shot is really close to what ended up in the final film.


One of my favorite images of the Bathhouse is this 8-bit animated gif from ThatCrooked Mind from DeviantArt.  It even has the ‘Hungry Ghost” added in for good measure.

These images and an excellent article about the Teahouse from tofugu

Even though the Bathhouse is one of the most striking visuals of the movie, it wasn’t completely made up out of think air.

The structure was inspired by the Grand Teahouse in the city of Jiufen in Taiwan. It was even rumored that Miyazaki even went there on one one of his many vacation trips with Toshio Suzuki (his friend and GM of Studio Ghibli).

A Grand Teahouse cake!

Various homages from watercolor painting to being built in Minecraft.

There is even a full plastic model with insane details (via BoredPanda )

In anticipation for that next movie, here is a compilation trailer by Tiff (link above in credits) of all the films of Studio Ghibli over the years.

SPIRITED AWAY: The Films of Studio Ghibli Trailer | TIFF 

BTW, Miyazaki-san is now back in full production for “Boro the Catepillar‘ with the formed again Studio Ghibli (via Vice)!