Gabriel Dawe’s installation series called “Plexus” showcases his affinity for colorful, jaw-dropping rainbow-hued embroidery that is easily described (think of a harp of rainbow colors installed in a space in a way as to catch the best light) but awe-inspiring in person.

As per his interview via @aliciaault:

“Machismo came with the territory in Mexico City, where he grew up. He remembers being ridiculed for wanting to embroider like his grandmother, who held fast to her cultural belief that sewing was for girls, not boys.”

“Using needlework as a central aspect of his art was a challenge to the gender stereotypes he’d encountered in his youth. The later Plexus installations have been less overtly about challenging those ideas, he says.”

The Renwick Gallery’s grand opening in 2015 showcases Dawe’s art through their building.