Filip Hondas is a 24-year old artist from Prague, Czech Republic who daily works at his digital craft of exploring the possibilities of 3D art using packages such as the Octane renderer and Cinema 4D.

From series sets such as “Pop cuture dystopia” (a nod to pop culture and video games) to renders of different particle systems ranging from cystalline structures and lattices (Daily Renders #06) to gloopy sphereoids contrasted with polygons (Daily Renders #04), Filip is becoming a master of his craft.

One of my favorites in his ouvere is a series of images called “Looking Glass” renders of floating, underwater-like atmospheres in various hues using reflective/refractive spheres colliding with swirling liquid paint-like particles systems (see below).

From “Looking Glass”

From Pop Culture Dystopia

From Daily Renders #06

You can also see more of Filip Honda’s work on Instagram.

Prints can be purchased on Society 6.