Alina Chau, a 3D storyboard artist/animator at the time of the interview with Lucasfilm (2010) talks about her journey from deciding to be an artist to her discovery of animation and moving to the US.

She then transitions to her how industry experiences were like being an animator at EA to how she moved as a cinematic artist to Technicolor and then finally landing at Lucasfilm. There are also some of her short films from her time at UCLA.

Ms. Chau, then explains about her dealing with a work/personal artistic balance and how there are always dangers of tipping the scale one way or the other.

In Part II of the interview, Alina further explains on how she made her way back into her personal art (time-lapse demo of her sketching) by learning how to enjoy the process, trying to be the best at the job and how one needs a mindset that it shouldn’t dominate your life.

In the final 3rd video, Aline shows through time-lapse video her painting process through a watercolor sketch demo.

She then explains her reasoning for why watercolor is one of her favorite mediums to work in.

Currently (according to her 2017 resume) Alina is a Adjunct Animation Professor at East LA Community College and the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA).

From her website:

“One of her most notable production credits is with LucasFilm on the Emmy Awards winning TV series – Star Wars – The Clone Wars, as a story artist. Her artistic career also include international gallery/museum exhibitions, book publication, and active involvement with educational institutions and libraries.”

Personal Web Site: