This illustrated commercial spot for the Safegate group (company focusing on efficiency and safety of airport gates and infrastructure) originally came from concept work (unanimated) from Eric Pautz.

Upper First Productions asked Thiage Steka, Lead Animator for the design studio to oversee the TV spot using Eric’s designs.

Safeway TV Spot

Client: Safegate Group
Concept, Direction: Upper First Production
Animation: Thiage Steka
Characters – Mariana Ikuta
Sound FX – Ljudateljén 

A great case study in marketing:  tying the client’s work (which can be rather pedantic in simple explanation like airport infrastructure) and frame the commercial to how people are effected in a positive way (lovers meeting, family going on vacation) it presents the company  in a way that’s in a positive and memorable light.

From the soft color palette, the DOF and lens flare illustrated effects to cute animations of the characters, this spot is gorgeous.