Laundry is a design studio and production company that was founded over a decade ago and has done work with some well-known companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook.

Located in the Arts District of DTLA (DownTown Los Angeles), Laundry primarily works on commericial and TV properties with some film title work.

Their style ranges from completely illustrative motion graphics, disney-esque animation, to very solid compositing and VFX work.

Airbnb ‘Cuba’ Spot

One day, you’ll be looking out your window when something wonderful comes your way… and you will want to keep him.

When a little boy meets a stranded alien child, the two instantly strike up a fabulous friendship. They go to school, explore the neighborhood, and have lots of fun. But at bedtime, the alien suddenly grows very, very sad. Can the boy figure out what his new buddy needs most of all? This funny, heartwarming story proves that friends and family are the most important things in the universe . . . no matter who or where you are.

Design & Animation: Laundry (on Behance)
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Los Angeles

Uber ‘Digital Rider – Snooze’ Spot


What did we learn? 

Be brand consistent so users know who’s telling the story. Entertain them so they don’t get bored at all costs. Graphic approaches really stand out  on mobile. A great script can be improved in animation narratively, but you make it first to know. Finally, clients knowing nothing is a myth, the Uber team really understood how and where to push the creative to improve the story and it did.

Really well.

Design & Animation: Laundry (on Behance)
Client: Uber

If you are interested in more of their work head over to their company page or their Instagram feed.